OpenGeo Suite is a full geospatial software stack that helps you compose, style, publish, and manage maps and data with ease.

OpenGeo Suite User Manual

This User Manual will help you get the most out of OpenGeo Suite.

What’s new in 4.8
See what’s new in OpenGeo Suite 4.8.
Get started with OpenGeo Suite.
Building web maps
Publish your maps and data on the web.
Web cartography
Visualize your data on the web.
Building complete web applications
Build complete web-based applications using the Boundless SDK and OpenLayers.
Spatial processing and analysis
Perform server-based spatial analysis.
Working with your data
Load and manage your data.
System administration
Manage and optimize your OpenGeo Suite installation.
Using QGIS with OpenGeo Suite
Connect to OpenGeo Suite from your desktop with QGIS.

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