Layer Styles

GeoExplorer includes an integrated Styles editor for layers published by a WMS server adopting the SLD standard. Authentication is required to edit styles through GeoExplorer. For more information, please see the Login section.


Not all functionality referenced in the SLD 1.0 specification is available in the Styles editor. For more information on SLD, please see the OGC specification and the GeoServer documentation.


Any changes made to styles will be available immediately on the server. In addition, as the SLD will be completely overwritten with each edit, you will loose any comments recorded in the XML document. We recommend you make a backup of your existing SLDs before editing styles in GeoExplorer.

The following sections describe how to use the Styles editor.

Working with the Styles editor

Accessing the Styles editor
Adding, removing, editing, and duplicating layer styles
Adding, deleting, editing, and duplicating layer style rules